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Welcome to the Dresden Files in Birmingham UK campaign


The Wiki contains background info on magical Birmingham.

The Adventure Log contains write ups of the actual adventure sessions from when we used the older DFRPG Rule-set.

After a lapse of 5 years, we are soon to start these adventures up again using the brand new Dresden Files Accelerated rule-set.

The main changes are…

Using Fate Accelerated rules as the basic system.

  • Approaches instead of Skills
  • Changes to Stress and Consequences (now called Conditions)
  • Mantles
  • Simplified Magic system

All the existing Characters have been converted…

BEAKER (the Alchemist)

LONG ZHU (Daughter of the Dragon)

LYRA TRESCOTHIK (Police Officer & Changeling – pixie).

EZIO (Red Court Vampire Infectee, Monster Hunter & Phlobotomist – agent of the Order of St Giles).

Home Page

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