City of Birmingham UK

Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK. It is located right in the middle of england.
For the purposes of our Dresden campaign it has the following Themes and Threats…

“Multi-cultural Melting Pot”

Idea: creatures from folk lore from all over the world and lots of different racially-distinct areas. Something about Birmingham attracts faded gods and in turn they attract their people.
Aspect: Unity in Diversity
Faces: The Shadow Council – representatives of many cultures, including some supernatural denizens, trying to keep the peace.

“The Big Wet Thing”

Threat (a major on-going threat, unlikely to be resolved but may become better known).
Idea: Birmingham has a lot of water for an inland city. The water table is rising. Some terrible aquatic horror has been imprisoned under the city centuries ago – possibly in the 16th Century when Britain suddenly became a maritime power.
Aspect: Danger in the Deep
Faces: The Lunar Society – this brotherhood of scientist/philosophers/industrialists has survived through the ages and is somehow tied into the suppression of the Horror.

“The Autumn Court”

Idea: Autumn Court (leaders of rebel Wildfae – King, & Princes). Local “Princedom” is linked to Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens. Summer & Winter Courts don’t get involved here. The Autumn Court are male-dominated and allow local Wildfae to be much more independent than the winter/Summer Courts.
Aspects: “Rusting of Technology”, “Things fall apart”

  1. Colin (recent, reluctant representative of the Fae). He is a changeling Sidhe, only recently awakened. He did not know of his heritage and has been manipultated into a position of authority in a major Property Development company where his mother has pushed him into making changes to several local landmarks.
  2. The Bridge Troll Witch – the focus of the prequel adventure run at UK Games Expo 2011. This creature was catching naughty children lured across her bridge at night and then weaving their living bones around the bridge to make it a permanent portal into the Mortal World. Until a few mnths ago, she was the representative of the Autumn Fae but she relinquished the position to Colin for some reason.

Concrete, Iron and Water surpress magic

Idea: It is not entirely clear why, but the waterways, major roads and major old buildings of the city act to surpress certain forms of magic. For example, Spaghetti Junction is a swirling Mandala of Anti-Magic as is New Street Station. Below part of Spaghetti Junction, no magic works at all. The same patterns are part of what binds the “Big Wet Thing”.
Certain Property developers have campaigned to remove or re-align some of these features but the Lunar Society works to maintain them and oppose all change.

City of Birmingham UK

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