Wizard's Lab Assistant


“BEAKER” The Alchemist (NPC)

High Concept: “Wizard’s Lab assistant” – experiments, forbidden knowledge?
Trouble: “Absentee Wizard Mentor” – having to do his tasks, unfair expectations
“Bookworm Researcher” – not much social or physical ability
“By the Book” – needs recipes, has to have the right ingredients, not good at improvising
“Outside Comfort Zone” – panic, uncertainty, self doubt
“Knows enough to be dangerous” – some rituals are very dangerous but just might work…
“Unholy love child of Velma and Shaggy” – geeky and hippy, believes in the healing power of crystals, comes across as a nerd

MANTLE: Mortal : Alchemist (based very loosely on Focused Practitioner)
Beaker is the owner/manager of a magical supplies, new-age herbalist shop called Noreally. She is a focussed practitioner specializing in alchemy and currently with no access to evocation (instant spells).


“Noreally” (special): [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Mark this condition to track how many times you can call on the resources of your shop to supply useful magical components. The boxes recover 1 box per day at noon – as long as you don’t have too many active potions/oils/powders. At noon, make a Focus roll against a target of the number of un-used magical potions to recover 1 box on a success or 2 boxes on a success with style – on a fail, choose one of your existing potions to fizzle and become inert.


Alchemy This talent works in a similar way to Ritual Magic:
In 6 hours of effort, you can produce a potion that can duplicate almost any other magical stunt or piece of equipment or desired effect that can be justified in the narrative as a Potion, Oil or Powder. If duplicating or enhancing a weapon, it would typically grant the benefit of Supernatural scale (page 182).
Preparation Roll as for Ritual Magic (Page 168) to define costs, outcome of the roll also gives bonus to the roll at “run-time” to see if the potion actually works.

Books: While in Noreally [ ] or in Birmingham Library [ ] or in Birmingham University Library [ ], once per session you can discover useful knowledge from the books. This aid takes the form of a minor NPC to help in a scene, free success at an overcome roll, or an advantage with two invokes or paying a single Ritual cost.



Beaker’s Background…

Bill the wizard is absent. He’s been gone for a month.
He used to be a Warden but seems to have upset the Wizards Council and been sent to Birmingham as a punishment. Something about the place doesn’t seem to agree with Evocation spells from human wizards! According to a few other wizards Beaker has talked to, Bill has “bad blood”, from a long line of traitors and warlocks, she’s “well rid of him”. But she rather liked him. He had a bad temper sometimes but always took time to answer her questions and his heart seemed to be in the right place. Her previous instructions came from an ancient new-age hippy who died a few years back and left her the shop. Bill continued her training for the last three years.

He came back from a trip to Faerie last year. He had somehow rescued 3 stolen children but in the process, he had … “made a bit of a dent in the fabric of reality”. Apparently, his new friend Colin the property developer, had turned out to be a Fae Prince of the Autumn Court (a Sidhe Changeling). Any way, he had to go away for a while, until the damage healed, the “rip” might tear open if he stayed in the City. He promised to be in touch but nothing so far! According to Bill, Colin hadn’t known about his heritage and wasn’t really to blame for the kidnappings.

As “Bill’s Apprentice”, Beaker has been invited to join the Shadow Council of Birmingham to fill-in for him while he is absent.


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