The Shadow Council

Known members of the Shadow Council are…

  1. Colin – successful young property developer who happens to be a Sidhe Changeling representing the Autumn Court. He only recently took over from the previous representative, a beautiful young woman who was really a hideous old bridge troll witch.
  2. Lady Lacedon – queen of the city’s ghouls. The ghouls swim in the city’s many canals. Lady Lacedon somehow provides them with food so that they don’t go on a murderous rampage. As there are worse things than ghouls in the water, they are represented on the Council.
  3. Long Zhu – daughter of the dragon and representative of Chinatown. Zhu is a Player Character, Emissary of Power.
  4. Bill the exiled Ex-Warden Wizard. For some reason, Wizards don’t often come to our Birmingham. Bill was a PC from the prequel games at the UK Expo Convention. He was universally distrusted by the other Wizards due to all other members of his family being evil. He was stripped of his position as a Warden and decided to self-exile to Birmingham. He is now missing and has left behind a very troubled “apprentice”.
  5. Enoch – A Jewish rabbi/sorceror, representative of the Jewellery Quarter
  6. Mr Smith – representative(s) of the Order of St Giles. The Order, linked to the city’s Masons, has a big presence here.
  7. Tobias Prentiss – representative of the secretive Lunar Society.
  8. Pierre Le Bon – representative of the White Court Vampires who run much of the Casinos and night clubs of Broad Street.

Shadow Council Accords

Ghouls are allowed to feast on those who fall into the Canals.
The Yardies are allowed to use Undead against their criminal rivals or supernatural enemies.
The Fae are allowed to take naughty children or the homeless.
White Court Vampires are allowed to feed so long as it does not result in death.
The mundanes must not become aware of the supernatural.

The Shadow Council

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