Long Zhu

Daughter of the Dragon


High Concept: “Daughter of the Dragon"
Trouble: “With Great Power…”
“Surrounded by Secrets”, “Defender of the Weak”, “Foot in both worlds”,
“Knowledge is Power”, “Supernatural Charisma”

MANTLE: Mortal : Medic / Leader of the People

Zhu’s Mortal background is a mixture of two elements. She graduated Medical School with excellent grades but never completed her time as a Junior Doctor, as other responsibilities got in the way.


Medical Access (special): [ ] [ ] [ ] Because of friends from Medical College, you can gain access to privileges normally afforded to medical professionals alone by crossing off conditions on this track. These privileges allow:

  • Access to medical records and background for any patient registered at a Birmingham hospital. Cross off all three boxes to find medical records outside of Birmingham.
  • Ability to access a wide variety of pharmaceutical substances.
  • Use of resources at any medical facility to diagnose and treat a patient or research a medical sample.

This condition recovers 1 box after each session where no Medical Access is used.

Followers (sticky): [ ] [ ] [ ] This condition uses three boxes to represent your significant social capital in the Birmingham Chinese community, which translates to a constant supply of local individuals to help you. Mark a box when you draw on your community resources for this mantle’s stunts. Recover this condition by waiting (one box per session) or by spending a scene to meet with your followers and clear the track. During the meeting, however, your followers (via the GM) will inform you of a community problem necessitating your attention.

Disfavored (sticky): [ ] Violating your followers’ trust marks this condition. While Disfavored you may no longer use the Followers condition. Recover Disfavored when you have made restitution with your followers or established a new support base, per the GM


First Aid: During any physical conflict, spend a fate point to clear out all of a character’s stress boxes, provided they choose not to take action for one exchange, even to defend. You cannot use this ability on yourself.

Ready and Willing: Mark a box of Followers to bring a minor NPC into the scene with either an aspect or a +2 bonus in something they’re skilled at (see the NPC creation rules on page 212). Mark multiple boxes to grant them multiple aspects and multiple areas of competence, with a maximum of +2 in any one area. Use your fate points to invoke their aspects on your behalf.

Patronage: Mark all three Followers boxes to declare that a campaign NPC is a patron of your community or is somehow indebted to your community. This NPC will grant one favour of significance, such as allowing access to something otherwise inaccessible or accomplishing an objective sans opposition. The GM is the final arbiter of whatever aid you receive.

MANTLE: Daughter of the Dragon

The Celestial Dragons of China form a kind of additional Fae Court in the Nevernever. There is one Dragon for each of the Elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Shadow. Each one also rules one of the Cardinal directions North, West, South, East and the Void, rotating every 1,000 years. The Dragon of Air is currently responsible for the West and is greatly revered by communities living in the western world. The Celestial Dragons are not in the same power league as the Queens of Winter and Summer or the King of Autumn. Their Emissaries are not quite so powerful as the Knights, but tend to have more influence in the Mortal World.

You are the mortal descendant of one of the Celestial Dragons. When your father died, his legacy passed to you and the previous leader of the Chinese Community (the ancient “clued-in mortal” Kai Wynn) retired and handed his secular position to you along with his seat on the Shadow Council.

As Daughter of the Dragon, your magical stunts operate at Supernatural scale (page 182).


Dragon Power (fleeting): [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Mark one of this condition’s five boxes to use the well of power granted to you by your mantle, as described in your stunts. Recover fully at the end of any scene in which Dragon Power is unused.
This condition may also be utilized to create an approach (Dragon) with a bonus equal to the number of unmarked boxes, usable on any action using the approach. The GM, however, will exacerbate your self-described actions according to the character of the mantle: Dragons are arrogant, ruthless, and domineering. Using the power as an Approach ticks off one box (after the use).
If the impact of allowing the mantle to control your action is sufficiently complicating, the GM may also treat it as a compel and award you a fate point.

Disfavored (sticky): [ ] This condition is marked if your character has disobeyed a direct command of the Dragon, violated the Unseelie Accords, or broken a law of the Celestial Court or lost possession of the Sword. Until your atonement, all stunts and conditions associated with this mantle are inaccessible other than recovery actions if one is marked. The GM will detail the requisite atonement, such as fulfilling the Dragon’s command or making right the violation of the Accords.


Draconic Magic: Each magical action requires a box of Dragon Power to be marked. Each additional box marked provides +1 to the same magic-based action. You may cast evocations (page 140) that fit the nature of your Dragon (Air or Storm-based). This magic is ultimately sponsored by Celestial Dragons, and using it in a manner counter to their agenda may mark you as an enemy. You use these as actions with your approaches, in any combination. The GM may assign scale (page 182) to your action.

The Third Eye: Similar to the power of Wizards, you can open your magical Sight to view the mystical, true world overlaid on the material world. Cross off one of your boxes of Dragon Power. While using the Third Eye, your memory is eidetic and the following are true:

  • You view everything as a metaphorical expression of its true nature. A mugger on the prowl may appear as a starving jungle beast, or a firefighter may attain a seraphic semblance.
  • The Sight ignores supernatural disguises or glamours and grants no guidance in interpretation of what is seen.

You may attempt interpretation by making an overcome roll with Focus against Fair (+2) opposition or your target’s most appropriate approach, whichever is higher. If you use an approach other than Focus, increase opposition by 2. If you fail, mark a condition (In Peril or Doomed) from the confusing, horrific barrage of images searing into your mind or you are taken out (page 189) of the scene. On a tie, choose between three options:
1) marking a condition (In Peril or Doomed) 2) being taken out but receiving the clarity sought 3) remaining confounded but avoiding harm
A success provides elucidation, which the GM may elect to make an advantage with a free invoke.
Succeeding with style grants an extra invoke.
Any supernatural being engaged in a contest or conflict against you has the benefit of scale (page 182) as your mind copes with their continued presence as viewed through the Sight. If they already had scale on you, they get an additional level of it.
Unlike the Wizard equivalent of this power, you cannot simply close your Third Eye. It takes an effort of will (usually an Overcome using Focus) with the difficulty being set by the GM (typically double the Scale of what you are experiencing) – treat failures as causing Stress.

Your recall of everything witnessed is flawless, and any later attempts at interpretation must be treated as if the Eye were again open.

The Dragon Blade: Long Zhu also bears a silvered sword, inscribed with Chinese calligraphy. It is enchanted and has the benefit of Supernatural Scale (page 182). If Zhu is not carrying the blade, all magical actions require two boxes of Dragon Magic.



Blurb from the cover of Long Zhu’s first story…

Black Water

Caught between the dragon and the deep black water

Long Zhu should have been training to become a doctor. She was disturbed to learn she had an even higher calling. She was the daughter of the dragon.

When dead men start climbing out of Birmingham’s canals, Zhu finds a connection to a rogue member of the historic Lunar Society, and discovers the terrible purpose of the ancient order.

Even in the face of such terrible evil, she can expect no help from her enigmatic father. Indeed, when she appears unworthy, he is willing to sacrifice her and much of the city to end the threat.

But Zhu learns her father’s wrath will not end the threat, it will free it. And she has no way to stay his hand!

“Comparable to Tolkien at his best!”
Terry Brookes

Black Water

A Long Zhu novel

Long Zhu

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