Long Zhu

Daughter of the Dragon


Aspects and likely compels…

  • High Concept: Daughter of the Dragon" – Pride? Strange requirements?
  • Trouble: With Great Power… – Responsibility, heroism
  • Surrounded by Secrets – give her some secrets that could lead to complications if wiheld from the other PCs
  • Defender of the Weak – responsibility, heroism, automatically supporting the underdog
  • Foot in both worlds – secular duties as well as supernatural ones
  • Knowledge is Power
  • Supernatural Charisma – although charisma isn’t always sex appeal, in this case it can be.

Long Zhu is financially supported by the Chinatown community.
She has recently replaced Kai Wynn (a very elderly man with much knowledge but no magical power).


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Blurb from the cover of Long Zhu’s first story…

Black Water

Caught between the dragon and the deep black water

Long Zhu should have been training to become a doctor. She was disturbed to learn she had an even higher calling. She was the daughter of the dragon.

When dead men start climbing out of Birmingham’s canals, Zhu finds a connection to a rogue member of the historic Lunar Society, and discovers the terrible purpose of the ancient order.

Even in the face of such terrible evil, she can expect no help from her enigmatic father. Indeed, when she appears unworthy, he is willing to sacrifice her and much of the city to end the threat.

But Zhu learns her father’s wrath will not end the threat, it will free it. And she has no way to stay his hand!

“Comparable to Tolkien at his best!”
Terry Brookes

Black Water

A Long Zhu novel

Long Zhu

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