Ruth the Raven

Ruth Jones, Were-raven Librarian and Goth


Goth Librarian who transforms into an Unkindness of Ravens. Changes into a flock of ravens, not an individual one.
Once in ravens form, she has no fine control of the actions of individual ravens so the refresh cost is reduced by 1.
The flock can …

  • search for something/someone
  • attack something/someone as Weapon:1
  • buffet something/someone as a Manoeuvre to give them an aspect like Flocked-up!
  • go somewhere and resume human form
  • go somewhere and watch for a while

The individual ravens are only a little more intelligent than normal. The human spirit is a faint guiding influence but is aware of what the ravens experience so can urge them to do one of the actions listed above.
The ravens must stay within 100 yards of each other to be part of the flock-mind. If they are driven apart, their driving instinct is to get back together.
Other Powers…
Ritual (Thaumaturgy in one area) -2, Sight -1 gives 2 Item Slots


  • High Concept: Unkindness of Ravens – this indicates her Were-Raven nature and could be invoked for benefits when animal instincts might be better than human. It could also be compelled by the GM for inhuman qualities – callousness, insensitivity when the eye-pecking, carrion-eating nature of the raven lingers.
  • Trouble: My boss is always hassling me – Perhaps the boss is suspicious and wants to find out what’s going on ? Perhaps the boss fancies her ? Perhaps the boss is grooming her for higher position. Whatever reason you choose (or leave it as a secret), the GM will compel this to make life more difficult for the PC. I need you to do a stocktake on Friday night. Where did you slip off to at lunch-time.
  • Books are my best friends. This is a good one for the Player to Invoke for bonuses for Library Use, Research and generally knowledge checks. It’s also a good one for the GM to compel to give penalties to social interactions for being a nerd.
  • First Adventure: Rage. Nice, simple Aspect. It can be Invoked or Compelled.
    Skills: Superb x1 (Lore), Great x2 , Good x3 , Fair x4 , Average x5

Ruth the Raven

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