Rasta Joe

One of Mr Nancy's lieutenants


(Supporting NPC)
High Concept: Enforcer for the Voodoo Cult
Trouble: Weakness for the ladies
Other Aspects: Big Friendly Giant, Secretly loves to hurt people
Good At [+2]: Fighting, Having a good time
Bad At [-2]: Sneaking, Tactics
Bonus to opposing: Force, Flashy
Stress 6: □ □ □ □ □ □ and In Peril 4 □ and Doomed 6 □
Intimidate: +2 to creating advantage by intimidating
Grapple: +2 to create advantage and attacks with grappling
Followers: □ □ □
Equipment: Car, Guns, Drugs, Talisman
Notes: The Talisman, Grants Supernatural Scale to his Defences against magic,


Rasta Joe is a huge man, always ready with a bellowing laugh.
Very confident.
He is also a murderer, thug, pimp, drug-runner and arms dealer in a very violent gang led by the Voodoo Master, Mr Nancy

Rasta Joe

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