Mr Nancy

Voodoo Witch-doctor and gang leader


(Supporting NPC)
High Concept: Voodoo Witchdoctor and possible “god”
Trouble: Can’t turn it off
Other Aspects: Spiders!, Ancient and Mysterious
Good At [+2]: Magic, Prophecy
Bad At [-2]: Modern Life, Anti-technology
Bonus to opposing: Guile, Intellect
Stress 6: □ □ □ □ □ □ and In Peril 4 □ and Doomed 6 □
Evocations: +2 to creating advantage and defend actions, Escape in puff of smoke
Hypnotist: Great +4
Rituals : Summoning, Zombies
Followers : □ □ □
Equipment : Potions


Mr Nancy is bad news.
Very powerful, very feared.
Voodoo with some sort of affinity for spiders.
Do not cross him.
His gang controls a lot of the criminal activity in Birmingham – they are a cult of a mixture of Jamaica, Haiti, Voodoo, Yardie, New Orleans-cajun etc.
He spends a lot of time vacationing in a distant area of the Nevernever
He has a few children with a few of his dancers.

Mr Nancy

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