Lyra Trescothick

Pixie changeling, WPC


High Concept: “Pixie changeling, WPC”
Trouble: “Job Obligations”
“Seek the Truth”, “Animal Ken”, “Don’t call me damsel”, “Thirst for Justice”

MANTLE: Mortal : Law Enforcement

UK Police Officer. Based on the Law Enforcement Mantle from the DFA Rules, but not relying so heavily on firearms.


Police Powers (special): [ x ] This condition is always marked, unless you are Suspended (see below). You are a member in good standing of a law enforcement agency in the mortal world. You may therefore do the following without fear of legal reprisal:

  • Arrest anyone when you have probable cause to believe they have committed a serious crime.
  • Detain anyone upon reasonable suspicion of their involvement in a crime, and search them for weapons.
  • Access and search private property when authorized to do so by a search warrant (obtained via the Backup stunt below).
  • Ignore legal ramifications to stop a crime in progress, up to and including the use of deadly force when you or others are in mortal peril.

Your freedom to act is not unlimited and is subject to frequent review. If you exceed the boundaries of good conduct, you may be Warned or Suspended.

Warned (fleeting): [ ] Mark this condition when you egregiously flaunt your position as a law enforcement agent, act insubordinately to your superiors, or fail to report in regularly on your on-duty activities. Being Warned indicates that your superiors are closely observing you but carries few real consequences if no further transgressions are reported. You recover from being Warned at the end of the session.

Suspended (sticky): [ ] Mark this condition when you are observed flagrantly breaking the law in the pursuit of your duties, coming into open conflict with your organization, or acting in a way that would have you Warned and that condition is already marked. While Suspended is marked, you may not use Police Powers and are subject to the same consequences as a civilian for your actions. Moreover, if you are already Suspended and caught doing something that would result in marking Suspended, you may be fired, especially if taken out in a conflict related to your job status. (If you are discharged, take a new mantle at the next available milestone.) Recover this condition when you have made sufficient restitution to your superiors in a manner the GM prescribes, or at the end of the scenario, whichever comes first.


Backup: While in good standing with your organization, once per session you can request backup, equipment, access, or protection (either political or physical) from your organization. This aid takes the form of a minor NPC to help in a scene, free success at an overcome roll, or an advantage with two invokes. At the GM’s discretion, you may use this stunt an additional time per session and mark Warned. For the Special Cases Bureau, this also includes many, many boxes of old cases so there may be some useful info in there too.
Hot Pursuit: When chasing a suspect or perpetrator, add +2 to Haste for all rolls in the contest or conflict.

Your title here…MANTLE: Changeling

You are a mortal with Fae heritage that is becoming manifest and guiding you toward transformation into a Fae. Create your character according to a Pure Mortal mantle of your choosing and then add the conditions and stunts below. Fae stunts operate at Supernatural scale (page 182).


Dust (sticky): [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Mark one of this condition’s five boxes to use one of your Fae stunts for a whole scene (or to transform to pixie form – transforming back to human is free). If you ever fill the track, you have three options:
1. Make the Choice to become fully Fae. You may use your Fae stunts the rest of the session without penalty. At the next minor milestone, declare a Court affiliation (Summer, Winter or Autumn) and transition to the True Fae mantle.
2. Deliberately shun your Fae stunts until you recover one or more boxes. Recover a box at the end of every session in which you avoid using Fae stunts. At the GM’s discretion, long time jumps mid-session or between session might allow you to recover another box.
3. Choose to become fully mortal. Immediately clear the track. You may no longer use your Fae stunts, and at the next minor milestone, you revert fully to your mortal mantle.


Glamour: You may cast minor veils and seemings. With a moment of concentration, cross off a box of Dust and you may draw a veil over something roughly person-sized, hiding it from sight and other means of detection. Or you may cause a person or object to appear differently than it normally does. An observer may attempt to discern the illusion, but to do so, they must have some legitimate suspicion that they might be seeing a glamour. Use Intellect to resist any disbelief attempt.

ADDITIONAL STUNTS (bought with Refresh)

You may choose from both the list for your mortal mantle and the Fae list (page 158) for additional stunts.

LYRA already has three additional stunts but only paid for Object Reading as I’ve made the transformation cost a point of “Called” and made it more narratively-awkward as she does not transform her clothing and equipment when she adopts her 6-inch pixie form *

Wings: You can fly, rendering inconsequential certain movement-related obstacles. Gain +2 to rolls in any situation in which wings are advantageous. Use a glamour, if you wish, to hide your wings in the mortal world. *LYRA only gets Wings in Pixie Form*

Unusual Size: Either much larger or much smaller than the average human, you automatically gain scale (page 182) on actions in which your size is advantageous. Opponents will, however, gain scale in situations in which they may use your size against you *LYRA only gets tiny size in Pixie Form*

Object Reading: Mark off a box of “Dust” to attempt to gain impressions of a magical nature from an object by touching it. If the object has been in the presence of magic during the last 24 hours, this is immediately known. To get a vision of the most recent magical event, make an Overcome action (usually using Focus). The target number is set by the GM based on double the scale of the magic.



Lyra’s Background…
Her father, “Robin” was probably some kind of True Fae or Changeling – presumably a Pixie who transformed into human form and seduced her mother on holiday in the midlands. According to her mother, he was kind and funny, but prone to mischief. The responsibility of parenthood just wouldn’t have suited him.
WPC Lyra Trescothick – dubbed “Tesco” by some of her less-respectful male colleagues, has been assigned to the Special Cases Bureau (SCB). A couple of old codgers form this special unit, they used to work with a Detective Sergeant who disappeared a few months earlier and seems to have had a reputation for being a weirdo. It appears that DS Rick Shaw did all the actual work and the two old detectives (who have both had minor nervous breakdowns and should have been pensioned off) handle paperwork and take the credit. SCB handle reports of things that go bump in the night or other craziness and usually just file a report about it.

Special Cases Bureau

DC Brian Wilde has dementia but is friendly and want to be helpful.
DI Dennis Marks spends very little time in the office, usually either fishing or in a pub.
He comes in every few days to scan the paperwork looking for the odd case that might be “normal” and then focuses on that until he gets bored.
Lyra won’t have too much trouble following her own lines of enquiry unless she draws the attention of other officers.

Lyra’s player wrote an intro to her First Story as part of her back-story Pony Tale

Lyra Trescothick

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