Lyra Trescothick

Pixie changeling, WPC


High Concept: Pixie changeling, WPC
Trouble: Job Obligations
Other Aspects and Likely Compels…

  • Advanced Driving – maybe tempted to do a risky manoeuvre?
  • Seek the Truth – must find out what is really going on
  • Animal Ken – good with animals but also very fond of animals
  • Don’t call me damsel – takes offence at being treated as the weaker sex
  • Thirst for Justice – refuse to drop a case

She has a Pixie Form and Human Form. In Pixie Form she is tiny, has Wings and Inhuman Speed.


  • ???
  • ???

Lyra Trescothick was raised by her mother in a cornish village. All she knew of her father was his name, Robin, and that they had a brief holiday romance (in Birmingham!).
She grew up organised, dutiful, hard-working and determined to join the police force. It’s only after becoming a WPC, that she starts to develop an urge for mischief and realises she is a changeling Piskie.
She gets transferred to Birmingham and her first adventure includes tracking down some ratling creatures who have been killing people and animals alongside a canal. The story gets out that the Police are hunting wererats but she manages to find a non-magical explanation (she lies) about boats accidentally hooking some barbed wire and dragging victims into the water to be chopped by propellers. In the hopes that she will shake up and legitimise the Special Cases Bureau, she is assigned to the SCB.
Lyra can do GLAMOURS, but needs a few different type of “dust” in order to do it. Piskies or Pixies generate their own magical dust, but when she first starts using her powers, Lyra has to get hers from an alchemist. Perhaps she will soon start generating her own as her powers grow.

Lyra’s player wrote an intro to her First Story as part of her back-story Pony Tale

Lyra Trescothick

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