Aspects and likely compels...


Aspects and likely compels…

  • High Concept: Red Court Vampire Infectee, Monster Hunter & Phlobotomist – hunger issues, sunlight issues, holy stuff issues, job issues
  • Trouble: Living off the Grid – does not want to come to the attention of police. Only Cash, no proof of identity.
  • Talented Free Runner – mainly bonuses to getting about and chasing. Not much in the way of compels.
  • Stubborn – maybe force to continue with a line of enquiry the others have discounted? maybe spark an argument?
  • Driven to investigate – just can’t let it go, poke nose into trouble?
  • Damsel in Distress – chivalry, can’t say no to a pretty face.
  • Against the Odds – willing to take chances, even keen to take risk.


  • ???
  • ???

Ezio was an agent of the Order of St Giles, in Italy. This explains his gun and sword training. They got him a job in the Italian Blood Transfusion Service in an attempt to trap a family of Red Court Vampires. The sting operation went bad when Donna-Maria Scorsayzi, matriarch of the family, took a shine to him. After becoming infected, Ezio was spirited away to Birmingham by the Order. They’ve got him a job at the hospital, paid in cash and he is living off the grid to avoid being hunted down by the Scorsayzi Family, He now has Tattoos that flare up when his hunger starts to take over. The pain and the warning, help to stop him losing control.

As one of the Order’s best agents, Ezio is the wielder of a magical sword. This sword only affects supernatural creatures. If it is used to harm a non-magical foe, it damages the wielder instead.


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