Dresden Files in Birmingham UK

Sessions Two and Three

As we are resuming the Dresden Files game, here is the write-up of the second and third sessions as a reminder of what went before.

We began at the extraordinary session of the Shadow Council called by Colin, the young and charismatic yuppie property developer (who happens to, reluctantly, be a Prince of the Autumn Court).

Long Zhu is here as the representative of the Chinatown community.
Beaker is here, representing her absentee boss, the Wizard, Bill.
The other PCs (Ezio and Lyra) are here as unofficial guests.

The other Shadow Council members present are…

Lady Lacedon, queen of the local ghouls.
Peter Devereaux, white court vampire presenting a group of night-club and casino owners.
An older guy from the Order of St Giles, a mortal, wearing a theatrical mask (Tragedy). His name is not given, but Ezio knows it – he is Ezio’s local handler/contact.

Colin is irritated. An ornate door knocker, shaped like a goblin face, animated on him this morning, puked and slobbered on his best suit while delivering a message from a local Autumn Fae Noble. A monster crossed through his realm, leaving a trail of destruction and corruption for about a mile. It passed from Outside, through the woods of Faerie and then into the Mortal Realm. After a few minutes, it returned the same way. Colin has been commanded to “do something about it” as the Fae believe it is the work of a Mortal.

Colin feels that, having raised the matter with the Shadow Council, and finding that Beaker and Long Zhu are already investigating it, his responsibility has been met. He gives Beaker a cocktail stick with a tiny flag on it in case her investigations lead into Faerie. It should turn into a pennant declaring the bearer to be under the protection of the Autumn Court.

Beaker presents their findings so far and the link between the demonic snake and Mr Nancy. It seems likely that either Mr Nancy is the summoner or is the intended target.

At this point, Lady Lacedon declares it is not a matter that concerns the Ghouls, and leaves.
Deveraux seems interested. It appears he would like Nancy to be taken out. Nancy’s Voodoo Child night-club and Medusa are the only two clubs not under White Court Vampire control. However, he has no idea who is behind it and also chooses to leave, as soon as it becomes obvious that Beaker and Long Zhu are going to investigate.
The St Giles guy declares that it seems to be outside the remit for his organisation (not related to Red Vampires) either and leaves, after privately warning Ezio to be careful not to expose himself unduly.

Meeting adjourned!

There is further investigation. Beaker looks into the Lore of the Summoned Demon Snake and concludes it is a particularly powerful creature called Diamondback. Part of the ritual requirement for it is a specially-treated form of quicksilver. As it happens, she sold some earlier that week to a mediterranean-looking guy.

They visit Faerie, Beaker is able to open a Portal where the Snake ripped through. There are Fae hawks, hounds and huntsmen patrolling in a state of alert but Colin’s pennant grants them safe passage to meet with the local Earl – Imric. A few of the Earl’s servants fought the Snake demon as it returned to the Down-Below last night. Some were killed or wounded but the creature was focussed on just passing through.

Through medical and police channels, Ezio and Lyra manage to track down 2 other young dancers who have been made pregnant by Mr Nancy. A girl called Shelly is also pregnant and due in a few weeks. The other is Becky Smith who has a two and a half year old son called Martin.

They are delayed in their investigations and don’t learn about the two other women until after dark. There is a second horrific attack and Shelly is killed. Lyra comes to the notice of DS Fox as she is caught sneaking about the crime scene. He calls her “Tesco” and sends her to fetch coffee “for the real policemen”.

They visit the Voodoo Child club during the next day. It is not open but there are some staff there cleaning up and they call Rasta Joe – Mr Nancy’s second in command. Joe is outwardly friendly and flirts with Lyra. He explains that Mr Nancy is away on business, out of touch. He assures them that Nancy is not responsible for the attacks and he will certainly take revenge when he gets back. The girls, and their offspring are very dear to Nancy.

As dusk approaches, they locate Becky Smith and her son Marty in a flat above shops on Dad’s Lane, Stirchley. They search the area and find a half-demolished bridge over a stream nearby that is a portal to Faerie.

Lyra borrows a forensics tent and they set it up over the missing end of the bridge so Beaker can construct a magic circle to imprison the Demon Snake should it come through. Even if the circle doesn’t hold it completely, it should seriously weaken the creature. She believes that if it fails to kill its target, it will turn on its summoner. They decide to wait in ambush.

Meanwhile Zhu and Lyra spot a transit van full of Yardies waiting outside the shop. The intend to drive off with Becky and the boy, Marty, if anything dangerous turns up. They wer going to take her away immediately but are convinced to wait and see. If they move the boy too soon, the Snake might come through in a different place.



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