Dresden Files in Birmingham UK

Prequel 2

The final session of the convention game was played at UK Games Expo.

The PCs tracked the missing boy to a nearby bridge over the canal. The trees next to the bridge were beginning to turn to orange which indicated a possible portal to the realm of the Autumn Fae.

Colin realised that his company had replaced the handrails on this bridge a few months ago. They had used to have iron symbols of the crescent moon on them but he had replaced them with aluminium moons with no edges (in the interests of safety). Just after that date, the first of the kidnappings occurred. When he checked the other kidnap dates, they corresponded to something else he had done (it’s not known what it was but he was starting to feel a bit guilty). The bridge itself is mostly iron so it should not be possible for Fae to cross here!

The Wizard forced open the Bridge Portal and they went across into the Never Never.
On the other side the bridge had wierd bones wrapped around the handrails. The bones were the still-living skeletons of the missing kids. Another couple of kids and the entire bridge span would be covered. The magic of the living bones was surpressing the effect of the iron.

Not far from the bridge stood a pretty cottage. The harmless old lady who lived there turned out to be a hideous old bridge troll witch. After a savage fight in which the Policeman ignored the Wizards advice, accepted a gift of an axe from the lady and then tried to kill everyone, they finally managed to subdue her. In a wooden box in the house they found the three missing kids – still alive but completely filleted.

In exchange for her life, the Witch Troll agreed to stitch the bones back into the bodies. She was unusually polite to Colin, calling him “My Lord” and “Opener of the Way”!

After a while they realised she was delaying and they realised that the Portal that Bill had ripped open was still open (usually such portals only open for a few moments). Some Fae creatures (black hunting dogs) escaped into the Mortal World. Bill set fire to the jagged portal to prevent curious humans from wandering in then they all jumped through and Bill closed it behind them just in time.

The Policeman took most of the credit for the return of the kids but has since retired due to post traumatic stress. They put out the story that the kidnapper had a hidden cave under the bridge.

Bill the Wizard made a bit of a mess of the Portal. Reality is pretty frail around here and he is worried that emanations from even his most minor spells might make it worse. He decides to leave town for a while to let the rift heal. He takes the wielder of Death’s Scythe and the “invisible” man with him.

Colin and Ruth Jones (the raven librarian), are the only ones still around who can tell the story and Colin is not keen to reveal what he knows.



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