Dresden Files in Birmingham UK

Prequel 1

The first Actual Play was a session at UK Games Expo.

On the previous night we had done City and Character Creation.

We launched straight into a story about a missing boy. One of the PCs was a policeman and so it was easy to kick things off. The distraught mother kept on about how she was woken from a terrible nightmare and just had to run into her son’s bedroom to find he was gone. They lived in a posh new apartment block next to the Canal in Gas Street Basin.

The policeman called in his magically-gifted friends to check if there really was anything supernatural about the disappearance. He also found that there had been a few other kids gone missing in the area in the past few months. A common thread was that the missing kids were “naughty”, juvenile ofenders, truants etc.

The PCs for the Convention game were…

  1. The Policeman.
  2. Bill, the exiled ex-Warden.
  3. Colin, the property developer, Sidhe Changeling.
  4. Ruth, the university librarian who turns into a flock of ravens.
  5. The man who can’t exist – mostly ignored by all, only noticed by supernatural types.
  6. The wielder of Death’s scythe.

They took the mother to a lab at the University where Ruth investigated her dreams. Definitely a magical message.
They investigated the boy’s bedroom and uncovered magical visions of a beautiful young girl.
Through non-magical investigations they found he woul have climbed out of his room and gone to meet the girl last night.

Knowing that the canals are the hunting grounds of Ghouls, they decided to pay a visit to Lady Lacedon who lives with her pack of carrion-eating ghouls in a Flooded Cinema. The scythe wielder and the wizard were prepared to do battle with the ghouls but the “invisible” man talked things back down. After a bit of a face-off with the ghoul queen, she pointed them towards a possible Fae connection. Certain types of Fae are allowed to take “naughty” children.



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